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Interstate Batteries
We take pride in our wide
selection of quality products. 

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Interstate Batteries offers over 16,000 different batteries that keep you running high quality battery power.
Kleen Oil
Bypass Systems
  The Kleenoil By-pass Filter can be installed on any combustion engine from the smallest car or compressor to locomotives, boats, and the largest earth-moving machines. Reduces servicing drastically.

High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
Filtration Solutions
XP3 Gas & Diesel Fuel Additives
Innovative filtration technology improves the performance of equipment around the world. You won't always see their filters, but you can breathe easier knowing they're filtering your equipment.
Improve your fuel's quality and performance characteristics in every tank. Along with added lubricity, detergency, water dispersion and anti-gel functions,  it upgrades the quality of fuel by improving combustion properties to get the maximum BTU potential out of every combustion stroke.

Our Services...
• Truck repairs to all makes & models
• Fleet & Retail Maintenance Programs
• Certified Manitoba Safety Inspection Station
• Oil changes, air conditioning, brakes, drive line, suspension, exhaust, & electrical repairs.
• Skilled & experienced mechanics
We also Supply & Service the following...
• Kleenoil By -Pass Systems
• XP3 - Fuel Enhancer
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2126 Logan Ave. Winnipeg MB.
(204)  694-2390   Phone
(204)  633-6924     Fax
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Phone: (204) 694-2390
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Powerful industrial strength penetration and extreme lubricant. Environmentally friendly, safe, non-toxic and biodegradable.