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When repairs are done through the TruckPro Program. Becoming a TruckPro member is FREE of charge! Why should you become a TruckPro member? Click Here Or click our link to the Truckpro Winnipeg website below.

Our Truck Pro Nation-Wide Warranty – An Asset     

We offer a limited one-year warranty on parts and labour, with unlimited mileage, covering the work that our TruckPro repair centres perform on your trucks and trailers through the TruckPro program.
This warranty is honoured by all TruckPro in Canada, to ensure your peace of mind no matter where your vehicles are located across the country.

What does the Warranty Cover?

This warranty covers the following types of repairs and services:

Air Brake Foundation Parts
Air Brake System
Air Intake & Exhaust System
Axle Components
Drive Train
Electrical-Starting System
Engine Temperature Control
External Engine Components
Fifth Wheel, Landing Gear & Pintle Hook
Hub & Drums
Hydraulic Brake Foundation Parts
Light & Electrical Accessories
Steering and Steering Components
Truck & Trailer Body Accessories
Utility Trailer
Wheel & Components


Chemicals, Paints, Forestry, Off-road
Components for re-building, starters, alternators, compressors, valves
General Purpose Line
Oil & Lubricants
Tools & Equipment

Our Services...
• Truck repairs to all makes & models
• Fleet & Retail Maintenance Programs
• Certified Manitoba Safety Inspection Station 
• Winnipeg's only Truck Pro dealer
• Competitive hourly rates 
• Oil changes, air conditioning, brakes, drive line, suspension, exhaust, & electrical repairs.
• Skilled & experienced mechanics
We also Supply & Service the following...
• Kleenoil By -Pass Systems
• Espar - Heating & Cooling Systems
• XP3 - Fuel Enhancer
• Interstate Batteries - Batteries
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2126 Logan Ave. Winnipeg MB.
(204)  694-2390   Phone
(204)  633-6924     Fax
Contact Us
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2126 Logan Ave. Winnipeg, MB, R2R 0J2
Phone: (204) 694-2390
Fax: (204) 633-6924
Monday to Friday:    8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Saturday / Sunday: Closed
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