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LubeCorp Manufacturing Inc., under the management of CEO and founder Benjamin Vroon, commenced operations in 1983 with a dynamic Research and Development program, focused on All-SAFETM industrial fluid technology that is exclusive to LubeCorp.
• Cetane Boost 9 to 13 points
• Improves fuel economy 12 to 15%
• Keeps injectors and fuel systems clean
• Operates from -60°C to 60°C
• Stabilizes and preserves all diesel fuels
• MCT Eliminates water and Stabilizes fuel
• Enhances Performance 
• Extends Powertrain life 
• Good for all lubricants and oils 
• Lowers operating temperatures 
• Reduces oil consumption 
• Effective under extreme conditions 
                 Winter Lube Plus features                       when used on a regular basis:

1. Lubricates and prevents wear on fuel pump, injectors and upper cylinder components.

2. Contains De-gel and Anti-Gel Flow Improver for cold weather starts. - Cold-Flow Performance treated @ 1 ml per liter (1:1000) fuel to at least -76°F.

3. Converts moisture to small molecules and combusts it safely; prevents ice crystal formation.

4. Stabilizes and extends diesel fuel life and eliminates bacterial bio-degradation "sours". Contains highly effective cleaners to clean and preserve injectors, pumps, meters, valves and upper cylinders, fuel lines and tanks. Passes the Cummins L10 Injector Deposit test with a "Superior Pass".

5. Eliminates plugged filters caused by sludging, and gets rid of blackened fuel and fouls. 

6. Removes and inhibits against rust and system corrosion, and prevents fuel acidity.

7. Recommended treat ratio is 1 ml per liter of fuel for optimal us
Our Services...
• Truck repairs to all makes & models
• Fleet & Retail Maintenance Programs
• Certified Manitoba Safety Inspection Station
• Roadside Service available with our fully        equipped service truck 
• Winnipegs only Truck Pro dealer
• Competitive hourly rates 
  Oil changes, air conditioning, brakes, drive line, suspension, exhaust, & electrical repairs.
• Skilled & experienced mechanics
We also Supply & Service the following...
• Kleenoil By -Pass Systems
• Lube Corp - Lubes & Conditioners
• Espar - Heating & Cooling Systems
• XP3 - Fuel Enhancer
• Interstate Batteries - Batteries

2126 Logan Ave. Winnipeg MB.
(204)  694-2390   Phone
(204)  633-6924     Fax
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