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Enjoying a reputation for top-quality products, business innovations and consistently reliable service, Interstate Batteries is the No. 1 replacement brand battery in North America. Now over a billion dollar, privately held corporation, Interstate continues to thrive on our innovation, as well as our good old-fashioned business principles founded on treating others like we would like to be treated.

Four lines of business make up our enterprise, employing more than 1,400 team members nationwide.

* Interstate Batteries and Our Distributor Network
* Interstate All Battery Center
* PowerCare and Service Solutions, Inc.
* Interstate Batteries Recycling, Inc.
Our Services...
• Truck repairs to all makes & models
• Fleet & Retail Maintenance Programs
•Certified Manitoba Safety Inspection Station
•Winnipegs only Truck Pro dealer
•Competitive hourly rates 
•Oil changes, air conditioning, brakes, driveline, suspension, exhaust, & electrical repairs.
•Skilled & experienced mechanics
We also Supply & Service the following...
• Kleenoil By -Pass Systems
• Espar - Heating & Cooling Systems
• XP3 - Fuel Enhancer
• Interstate Batteries - Batteries

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2126 Logan Ave. Winnipeg MB.
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Summer Battery Care Tips

Can your battery stand the heat?
Have it tested today at Dabs Repair.

Why is it that people only tend to think about their car battery in the winter? The fact is, summer heat can be even more damaging than winter’s cold temperatures when it comes to car batteries. And yet, few people give batteries a thought during the heat of summer. The cold hard truth is that:
•When the mercury rises, a car battery's strength goes down.
•Extreme heat, like 95° F outside combined with high temperatures under the hood, accelerates corrosion of car batteries.
•Heat causes the water to evaporate out of battery fluid, breaking down the battery grids.

Weak batteries can struggle on for months, turning over the engine while it's easy to start and generate a charge. The real test comes when temperatures drop. A weakened battery has to overcome cold temperatures and a harder-to-crank engine because the cold thickened the engine's oil. The heat's attack lowered the battery's starting power, meaning someone's going to have to call for a jump-start and a replacement battery -- unless you get there first.

The following tips help you keep your battery in shape throughout the hot summer months:
•Preventive maintenance goes a long way toward prolonging the life of your battery. Take a few minutes to read about your battery in your car’s manual and become familiar with what kind of battery it is, where it is, how to safely clean it and what the indicator lights inside your car might be trying to tell you.
•When working with your battery, always wear protective eyewear. Remove all jewelry and wear long sleeves to protect your arms from an explosion of battery acid.
•Do a visual inspection to see if the battery case is bulging, cracked or leaking.
 If it is, it's time to replace it.
•The summer heat can speed up internal corrosion. Clean up the battery connections by removing any corrosion, lead oxidation, paint or rust from the top of the battery with a scouring pad or brass brush. Be sure to brush the corrosion away from you.
•If your battery has removable filler caps, open the caps and check the water level in each cell.
•Make sure the plates are covered by the fluid inside. This prevents sulfation and reduces the possibility of an internal battery explosion.
•If the water level is low, add distilled water until the plates are covered. Don't use tap water.
•Avoid overfilling, especially in hot weather, because the heat can cause the solution inside to expand and overflow.

Have your battery and electrical system professionally tested every three to six months and especially before heading out on a trip. At Dabs Repair where we will test your battery life in about the time it takes to cook a hot dog. Call us today for more information about with Interstate Batteries.

Winter Battery Care Tips

Don’t Let Your Battery Leave You Out in the Cold. 

Get an Outrageously Dependable Interstate Battery!
Dead batteries are very common this time of year and we want area residents to know how to prevent a stalled car. When temperatures become colder, turning over an engine can take up to twice as much current as needed under more favorable conditions and low temperatures can significantly decrease battery output,

Winterize your battery at Dabs Repair Ltd.

Expert Advice on Winterizing Your Battery
•Seek Professional Help—for your batteries, that is. These aren’t your typical AA batteries, so it’s important to have the battery and electrical system checked by a professional. Sometimes the naked eye cannot detect the presence of corrosion because it is hidden under the metal between the connection and the post.
•Protect Your Battery from Mr. Freeze. The cold weather can dramatically reduce a person’s energy level and it can do the same to a battery’s available starting power. It’s a good idea to have your car’s starting and charging system tested every six months.
•Charge It. Use a battery charger to maintain charge levels and keep the battery in good condition. According to Kimbrough, a fully charged battery will not freeze until -76°F; however, a fully discharged battery could start to freeze at 32°F.
•Small Maintenance Chores are Necessary. Preparing your car for the winter doesn’t end with the battery itself. You need to inspect your battery cables, posts, and fasteners. Make sure your cables are in good shape and are secured firmly to the battery.